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STICKY: Alphabetized Fanfic Links

All fanfics, listed by alphabetically by universe and title. In the case where multiple storylines are written for the same universe or crossed universes, the stories listed under the same numerical heading are interconnected and listed in recommended reading order. Length of the piece is indicated by Drabble (100 words), Double drabble (200 words), Ficlet (under 1500 words-ish, primarily character studies or scene snippets), Fic (over 1500 words-ish, real plot), Epic (over 100,000 words).

Single Universe Fiction
1. Binary: Purgatory's Love Story: 5 POV ficlets regarding Wesley and Lilah's relationship. Cordy, Angel, Lorne, The Senior Partners, Illyria.
2. Deathbed Confessions: Drabble. Fred’s last thoughts.
3. Lorne's Big Surprise: Drabble. Wesley meets some of Lorne's old friends.
4. Obsession: Ficlet. Wes and Lilah have an encounter over contracts. Wes/Lilah.
5. Perfection: Drabble. Fred/Knox.
6. The Substitute: Drabble. Dennis and Cordelia, PWP, sorta.
7. Wesley's Lament: Drabble. Lilah breaks things off with Wesley.

Anita Blake
1. The Time Before: Drabble. Before the first book of the series, JC finds someone fascinating.
2. Hush: Drabble. Damian before Dawn.
3. Skipping Stones: Drabble. Edward at the killing blow.

Battlestar Galactica
1. Justification on a Grand Scale: Drabble. Baltar. Baltar learns to trust his visions.

1. Magic: Ficlet. Temperance thinks about Booth and his worldview during Two Bodies In The Lab

Brotherhood of the Wolf
1. Stained: Ficlet. A glimpse into Frosnac and Sylvia's relationship, her vision of the future. Fronsac/Sylvia, R for bloodletting and sexual situations.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
1. Battle On: Ficlet. Xander makes a wish that leaves Anya breathless with delight.
2. Harris Home Life: Drabble. Xander cruises by his old home before the fight with the first.
3. More. Drabble. Spike has some alone time…
4. Orgasms: Ficlet. Anya/Faith PWP.
5. Swimming Pool: Ficlet. Faith/Buffy/Giles PWP.
6. Waterhole: Ficelt. Cordelia/Faith PWP.

Dancing in the Dark
1. Working Late: Ficlet. Jack works late at the office and has a surprise visit from Baby.
2. Knowing: Drabble. Remy has always known just a little bit too much about what goes on behind closed doors.

1. Home: Ficlet. Jack sits on the steps during the S1 Finale and muses on life with his daughter.

1. Problem Solver: Drabble. Gepetto and the Blue Fairy. Gepetto plans for the future.

1. Translation: Ficlet. Mal muses on River, Mal/River future.

Harry Potter
1. In Elegant Solitude: Ficlet. Severus Snape receives birthday wishes from an unexpected source. Snape and Lupin.
2. Midnight: Drabble. Lucius’s nightmares.
3. Risk Taking: Drabble. Hermione and Viktor after the war.

1. Luminary: Ficlet. Sarah/Jareth future. Sarah reconsiders Jareth's offer.

Lord of the Rings (Movieverse)
1. Inevitable Impossible: Drabble. Faramir always believed in impossibilities.

Riddick, Various
1. Starvation: Ficlet. Riddicks's thoughts on Fry's death during Pitch Black, loosely Riddick/Fry.

1. Climbing Out: Ficlet. All alone in a broken down castle, how ever do our heroes escape? Michael/Selene.

Veronica Mars
1. En Prise: Ficlet. Every story has a beginning, every disaster an origin. One possible first ride, first kiss, and first inkling of disaster. Lilly/Weevil.
2. Just Desserts Series: Snickerdoodles: Fic. Dick/Mac. Whatever will Mac do when she discovers an incapacitated Dick? French Toast: Fic. Dick/Mac. Mac just can’t seem to walk away when Dick Casablancas needs her help. Then again, maybe she doesn’t want to.
3. Lifeboat: Double Drabble. Logan/Parker. He never thought he'd be the one with a savior complex.
4. Cover Story: Ficlet. Dick (dark). Dick isn’t quite what he seems, but maybe that’s better for everyone.

BtVS or AtS Crossover Fiction: Listed alphabetically by majority universe cross, with Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a given, characters indicated.
Anita Blake
1. Running with Phantoms (Fic): Faith’s been seeing Phantoms, but could they be as real as she is? Starting with Faith’s flight from Boston to Sunnydale, this chronicles a series of encounters she has with Death. Faith/Edward. On Damned Wings (Fic): Edward leaves a letter for Anita, explaining how he came to be Death. Edward/Faith, companion to Running with Phantoms.
2. Yesterday's Sunrise (Fic): What if Dawn's wish to Halfrek was slightly different? What if she altered the world more than she could have dreamed possible? Dawn, Anya. High Noon (Fic): Anya's always had her eye on the prize, and this time the prize is Giles--only nothing is ever what it seems and the twists on the road to happiness will keep Anya on her toes. Sequel to Yesterday's Sunrise. Anya/Giles. Coming Soon!: Tomorrow's Sunset and Eternal Midnight

Baldur's Gate
1. Battle On: Ficlet. 20 Min with Anya. Xander makes a wish that leaves Anya breathless with delight. Xover with Baldur's Gate II: Dark Alliance.

Black Jewels
1. The Offering: Drabble. What if Catherine Madison went somewhere other than the trophy case when she was banished in The Witch? Somewhere she would find herself right at home?

1. Misery Loves Company: Drabble. Angel [and Angelus and Booth]. It sure is getting crowded in there...

1. Honeymoon in Vegas: Drabble. Xander does it again…

1. First Impressions: Drabble. Giles/Gil Grissom. Gil goes to meet Giles's family in spirit.
2. Kindred Spirits: Drabble. Giles and Gil Grissom doing their investigating thing in the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

Dancing in the Dark
1. Night Driving: Fic. When Cordelia decides it's time to move on, how does she come to terms with her choice, and how does she feel about it?
2. Out for a Stroll (Fic), Of Monsters and Men (fic), Merry Go Round (ficlet), An English Vampire in Dallas (fic) WIP: An evolving tale of chaos and destruction, this AU takes off in Season 3 of Angel. A broken Wesley ends up in the loving, if deadly arms, of Drusilla. Crosses over with characters found in the DitD series.

Dead Zone
1. Salvation (Fic): Johnny Smith invites someone in for tea. Sticky (Fic): Johnny adjusts to his new life as a vampire. Drusilla/Johnny.

1. [Highlander Implied] Taking Flight (Ficlet): Amanda has a job for Mal and his crew, a mysterious errand for a man named Wesley. Luckiest Girls at the Ball (Ficlet): Zoe and Wash share a moment before picking up another delivery from Wesley. Deals (Ficlet): The crew of the Serenity discover their mysterious client is even more mysterious in person. Serpent (Double Drable): Jayne doesn't like Serenity's passenger one bit, no siree. The Great Beyond (Double Drabble): Wash talks about the stars with a homesick Wesley. Of Heroics and Dead Friends (Ficlet): Mal knows a thing or two about friends who don't survive the war, whichever war Wesley is fighting. Endless Night (Ficlet): Of immortals and the endless, airless space: Wes takes Methos home. Curiosity killed the Cat (Ficlet): Inara uncovers more about Serenity's passenger. For further stories that fit into this universe, see Wandering Soul.

Harry Potter
1. A Soul Sighing Sweetly: Fic. Luna takes an assignment for the Quibbler to live life as Muggle and is amazed at what she finds when she attends school at UC Sunnydale. Tara/Luna.
2. Caged Canary: Double Drabble. Drusilla meets a certain Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in a pub and teaches him a lesson he'll never forget. Drusilla/Lockart.
3. Mirror Mirror: Ficlet. Snape should know better than to let Longbottom go unsupervised...Especially with Andrew just a reflection away. Andrew, Snape.
4. Normal: Drabble. Neville and Andrew run riot. Again.
5. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These (Fic): Connor is haunted by impossible memories as he strives to hold his life together, the life of a Malfoy Heir. The power his life holds is in the hands of one woman, Lilah Morgan. Updated Nov. 5, 2004. WIP. Walking On Broken Glass (Fic): Companion to Sweet Dreams are Made of These. Connor's future is decided by Lilah and the board of Special Projects.
6. The Project: Ficlet. Snape gets steamrollered by a Seer on a mission. Cordy/Snape.
7. Tornado: Fic. Fred answers the Order's call for aide and finds herself swept off her feet.Fred/Kinglsey Shacklebolt.
8. Waking Up: Drabble. Jonathan Levinson remembers the day he found out the truth.
9. Willow Tree Burning (Epic): Cast out of Sunnydale, Willow finds her way to Hogwarts, lost, lonely and looking for a place to belong. Torn between two people and haunted by her past, she must make choices that shape the world around her. And all the while, darkness rises... Dinner Settings (Fic): Epilogue to Willow Tree Burning featuring Narcissa. No one ever expected smooth sailing after Voldemort’s defeat, not even Narcissa Malfoy.

1. Encore Une Fois (Fic): How do you pick up the pieces after your world has been shattered? Wesley and Illyria move on after the final battle. One Good Turn (Fic): Sequel to Encore Une Fois. Methos and Joe meet another Watcher who has alarming news about the Game, and two new players: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and Illyria. Gingerbread (Drabble): Illyria remembers the Shell's fondness for holiday aromas. Four Corners (4 Drabbles): Each element belongs to one of the players in One Good Turn. Last Minute Shopping (Ficlet): Amanda runs out of time--in more ways than one. Sheep's Clothing (Ficlet): A cocky immortal bites off more than he can chew when he challenges a young one. Tie a String Round Your Finger (Drabble): Death and life for Wesley. Retrieving (Double Drabble): An afternoon in the park sends Wesley and Illyria to find the Old Man. Casablanca (Double Drabble): Joe is in for the surprise of his life when Illyria and Wesley walk into his bar...For further stories that fit into this universe, see Wandering Soul.
2. Play it Again, Sam: Fic. What if Wesley died during Thin Dead Line? How would Cordy and Gunn react? Wes, Gunn, Cordy.
3. Walk After Dinner: Fic. Spike takes a walk after dinner down memory lane. Spike and Connor MacLeod.
4. Mistaken Identities: Drabble. Methos and Wesley. A case of mistaken identity and a naked, pissed off corpse.

1. Goblin Talk: Ficlet. Buffy visits a museum in Rome and meets an interesting young man. Buffy, Toby (Adult).
2. Proper Jursdiction: Ficlet. Anya debates the proper jurisdiction of a wish with an old…friend. Anya/Jareth.
3. Shadow Watching: Ficlet. Angelus comes across someone intriguing, and thinks of future games to be had. Angelus, Sarah futurefic.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
1. [Highlander Implied] Curses, Foiled Again (Double Drabble): Stabler and Benson chase a sword-weidling perp through the park...For further stories that fit into this universe, see Wandering Soul.

Lord of the Rings, various
1. Courtly Behaviour: Fic. Wesley plays knight rescuer one last time and finds himself in a world of trouble dimensions away from his own. Wesley/Eowyn. WIP Updated 30 Mar 05.
2. Paint it Black: Fic. Boromir comes across a strange woman in Rivendale, a fellow warrior in the fight against the coming dark. Boromir/Faith.
3. Sweet Buns (Fic), Hat Dance (Ficlet), and Afternoon Stroll (Drabble): The things Cordy will do for love. Cordelia wakes up from her coma remembering the peace she found while she was asleep. What happens when someone from her dreams appears in her life once more? Cordelia/Haldir movieverse.
4. The Perfect Minion: Double drabble. Willow finally gets the minion she deserves.
5. The Princess on the Plain (fic) and The Princess and the Tower (fic): Parody in which the Angel Investigations team takes on Middle Earth and Cordy smacks down Saruman.

Merry Gentry
1. Dance of Light: Through a Glass Darkly (Prologue - Chapter 4, Chapter 5-7, fic), Lifting the Veil (Chapters 1-3, Chapters 4-5, fic, WIP), and Interludes (Frost, Barinthus, ficlets): While playing bait, Cordy accidentally summons a certain Unseelie Sidhe through the mirror and learns more about her new demon self than she ever thought possible.
2. Evening Noir: Drabble. One-eyed sidekick heroes.
3. Over the Rainbow: Fic. How do the PTB convince a wayward hero to come back to the fold? Grant his wish, of course. Connor, Merry.
4. Seascape: Fic. Buffy seeks solace at the seaside and has an unusual visitor. No explicit romance, but Buffy/Barinthus.

1. Dusty: Ficlet. Monk bites off a bit more than he can chew and finds him faced with the bane of all slaying activities- vampire dust.

1. Chores: Ficlet. Connor broods over the morning chores.
2. Evening's Entertainment: Drabble. Connor/Chloe, an ordinary Hellmouth Holiday.
3. Nights Like These (Fic): Fred takes a trip to Metropolis to fix some equipment for LuthorCorp. What she finds there is beyond all expectations. Fred/Lionel. Dinner Plans (Drabble): Lex finds someone unexpected when he checks in on his father's latest love interest. Lunacy (Drabble): Lex contemplates dinner with Fred.
4. Pass the Yams: Drabble. Faith/Clark Kent. Faith has turkey with the Kents.
5. Roaring: Ficlet. Anya and Lex. How vengeance makes the heart grow fonder.

Stephanie Plum
1. An Afternoon In The Life Of: Fic. Stephanie is called to collect an FTA and bites off more than she can chew. What’s new? Faith, Stephanie, Andrew, Morelli.
2. Flush: Ficlet. Stephanie drops in to check on Dougie and the Mooner. Guess who she finds there? Steph, Clem, Dougie, Mooner.
3. Negotiations: Drabble. Steph meets a friend of Diesel's...
4. Walkabout: Ficlet. Anne and Rondell deal with a new runaway...and this one's an Italian Grandmother from New Jersey. Grandma Mozer, Anne, Rondell.
5. Sauce (Ficlet): Steph drags in a skip and gets some wardrobe advice from Wesley. Dear Diary (Drabble): And Steph's life just gets weirder. For further stories that fit into this universe, see Wandering Soul.

Tir Alainn
1. Mazes: Ficlet. During the Hellmouth destruction, Amy wills herself to somewhere where witches will be safe. Amy.
2. Messenger: Ficlet. Angel Investigations seeks the aid of the Gatherer. Angel, Morag.
3. This Moment in Time: Drabble. Where did the First Evil go after the defeat at the Hellmouth? True Evil never rests…

Tommy Lynley
1. Turkey Legs (Ficlet): The day young Tommy and young Wesley meet. Skeletons in the Attic, Pen Pals and Spooked (Ficlet, Drabble, Ficlet): A triplet of Ghost Stories for the young Masters Pryce and Lynley. Elegance (Drabble): Wesley recieves Tommy's wedding invitatio in the mail and thinks about what could have been. For further stories that fit into this universe, see Wandering Soul.

1. Impurity (Fic): Fred unearths a puzzle in her paperwork, and sets out to solve the mystery. Fred, Angel, Lilah, Wes, mentions Lucian, Michael and Selene. Lab Coats (Fic): Lucian meets the new scientist in charge of his case and finally gets some answers… as well as a few new questions. Lucian/Fred. Sequel to Impurity. These fics are available in french, translated by The Singing Duck.

1. Of Former Glory: Ficlet. Sara Pezzini and the Witchblade have a difference of opinion about a blue-haired stranger and her unusual companion. For further stories that fit into this universe, see Wandering Soul.

1. A Road Less Traveled Fic. A grown-up Dawn Summers can’t escape her past when a magical mishap lands her in the laps of the X-Men. Dawn/Logan.

General Crossover Fiction: Dominant universe listed first, in alphabetical order.
Anita Blake x Underworld
1. Territorial: Drabble, Anita and Michael. Anita explains the rules to the newcomers.

Anita Blake x Harry Potter
1. Happiness is a Warm Witch: Drabble, Asher and Luna. The couple discuss personal happiness.

Bones x House
1. Curses, Foiled Again: Drabble, Cameron and Booth. Cameron has a hard time helping Booth out of a medical predicament.

Firefly x Labyrinth
1. The Goblin Queen Series, in reading order. Tiny Dancer (Double drabble): Jareth teaches River to dance. Sarabande (Fic): The Goblin King comes for River but she's got a few surprises up her sleeve. River/Jareth, Simon, Mal. Red Letter Day (Ficlet): Simon's reactions to the latest twist and turns in his life. Simon/Kaylee, River/Jareth. An Evening At Home (Drabble): River gambols with the Firies. River/Jareth. Duet (Fic): Either Mal has gone crazy or that pesky Goblin King is screwing around with his people…again. Serenity crew, River/Jareth.

Firefly x Underworld
1. Flipside: Pair of Drabbles. Selene wishes for a sister; River finds family.

Harry Potter x Highlander
1. Teacher: Drabble, Methos and Harry. Training lesson.

Harry Potter x Labyrinth
1. A properly raised girl always sends a thank-you.: Drabble, Hermoine/Jareth. Hermione muses on the twin's latest prank.

Harry Potter x Lord of the Rings
1. Accidental Visitor: Drabble. Hermione should never have listened to Harry and Ron.

Merry Gentry x Tir Alainn
1. Gathering Gloom: Fic. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8. Taranis uses forbidden magic to call an assassin he believes will finally settle his Maeve Reed problem. Only thing is, said assassin has a mind of her own and isn’t particularly pleased to be back from the dead. Morag/Sholto. WIP

Supernatural x Millennium
1. Detour: Fic. Ellen points the Winchester boys to an unusual source for help. Renegade: Fic. After the events in Milwaukee, Sam and Dean seek refuge with someone who understands.

Multiple Universe Crossings:
Wandering Soul: 100 Wesley Wyndham-Pryce Fics: The Master Table for this series of fics can be found here. Crossover universes include Angel, Highlander, Firefly, Stephanie Plum, L&O: SVU, Witchblade, Tommy Lynley. Begins with Encore Une Fois. Wesley/Illyria.

One Line Fics: Telling a story in one sentence is more fun than you would imagine! The responses to this interactive meme can be found in Part I and in Part II. Anita Blake, Angel, Black Jewels, Buffy, CSI, Harry Potter, Highlander, Merry Gentry, Riddick, Roswell, Sin City, Underworld, X-Men

This list will be updated whenever new fiction is completed.